Be your own life’s master chef at your home with the help of our head chef Jari Kovanen!

Enjoy your weekend with a friend, partner or your whole family accompanied with excellent food. The Jarin keittiössä dinner bag provides an experience in both making and enjoying the three-course menu.

Preparing a fine dining level three-course menu has never been this easy at home. Our head chef Jari Kovanen prepares the ingredients of the dinner bag for you and with our instructions you are guaranteed to succeed. We have compiled extensive instructions for you both in a written and a video format. While watching the video you are amlost literally “in Jari’s kitchen”, and can unleash your inner master chef without a worry!





Artichoke soup with truffles, spruce tips, chanterelles, onion, and malt bread

  • Wine recommendation: Hunawihr Chasselas Elevéen Frûtde, France, product number: 531167


Main course

Fried local fish*, mashed beans and potatoes, poached leak, cress salad, dill sauce, and dill oil


  • Wine recommendation: Deep Roots Riesling, Germany, product number: 538407



White chocolate mousse, roasted white chocolate, and marinated buckthorn


  • Wine recommendation: Lenz Moser Prestige, Austria, product number: 007922


 *The fish of the day we have chosen depends on the season and availability. You can confirm the fish of the day from Jari while ordering. 

It is possible to prepare the menu considering special diets. Feel free to ask about the options more specifically from Jari Kovanen. You can find his contact information below.




  • 1-2 persons 39,00€ per person
  • 3-4 persons 37,00€ per person
  • 5-6 persons 35,00€ per person
  • 7-8 persons 33,00€ per person


The bag is suitable for both one person and a larger group. Please let us know for how many people you would like the bag while placing your order.



You can reserve a dinner bag for yourself by calling Jari directly or sending him an e-mail. Please place your order by the precedent Wednesday from the Friday of collecting the bag. 

Jari Kovanen
0400 199567



You can collect your bag from Piato on Fridays. Please arrange a precise time with Jari on phone or via message. The address of Piato is Mattilanniemi 2, 40100, Jyväskylä. The first bags are available for collection on Friday the second of October. The components can be stored through the weekend so you can prepare the menu on Friday, Saturday or Sunday

The menu also includes wine recommendations, so to ensure the culinary experience it is best to pick up the wines on your way home. 


How to prepare the dinner bag? 

Place an order by Wednesday and collect your bag on Friday

Get the recommended wines on your way home


  1. Empty the bag and set the table
  2. Read the instructions and prepare the instruction video
  3. Prepare the needed equipment
  4. Follow the instruction video – the ingredients of the bag are numbered and listed in the order of preparation
  5. Plate the servings
  6. Enjoy the meal and the feeling of success



Enjoy the joy of cooking and a delicious dinner with the Jarin keittiössä bag!