We celebrate Semma’s Sportweek on 4.-8.2. during which we serve tuned up kick-off for your days at Belvedere, Cafe Libri and Piato.

The purpose of Sportweek is to encourage and prompt you towards the basics of healthy life. Together with the breakfast we are going to share practical pieces of advices for exercising on social media. The tips are suitable for people from various backgrounds.

To develop the breakfast, we invited EC- and FC-level track and field athletics Elmo Lakka and Juuso Hassi to help us build up the best combo with our Executive Chef Jari Kovanen. The outcome was breakfast which gives you transcendent competitive advantage.

“To be honest, this is real bombshell of vitamins - if you are willing to avoid flu, this stuff is your choice!”, says 110m hurdles expert Elmo after tasted the outcome.

The double Finnish champion on decathlon Juuso agreed: “You can truly taste that it is healthy. The table is loaded with good variety of ingredients.”

The breakfast includes among other things:

* Granola - which received great recommendations from Elmo and Juuso

* Full of cereal porridge with berries

* Half blooded oranges and berry smoothie

* Coffee or tea

Top athletes highlight the importance of nutrition for recovery and coping. “It would be crucial to let both athletes, students and workers to acknowledge that everyone needs energy to accomplish their goals and fulfill their passions. For us it is sport but for others it may be natural sciences for example.”

We serve the tuned up breakfast on 4.-8.2. with daily variations at Belvedere, Cafe Libri and Piato.