Our own bakery and confectionary at Seminaarinmäki Campus bakes sweet and savoury delicacies also to take away.

Our master bakers recommend for Summer season's celebrations:

Cakes for 12 persons

• strawberry-mint-lime (mousse cake) 38,00 €
• raspberry-tiramisu (mousse cake) 38,00 €
• rhubarb-caramel cream cake (incl. strawberries) 38,00 €


Savoury pies for 6-8 persons
• feta cheese-tomato-spinach 14,00 €
• game and vegetables 14,00 €

Savoury cakes for 10 persons
• smoked ham and vegetables 42,00 €
• smoked salmon and vegetables 46,00 €

Hand made and and lactose-free.

You can order our confectioneries from Semma's restaurants and cafes or by email: myynti@semma.fi and by phone: 050 581 8350 (Mon-Fri klo 8-14).

Please leave your order at the latest three workdays before your occasion.  You can pick up your order from selected Semma's restaurant or cafe after noon (under opening hours).