We extended the opening hours till 22:00 o’clock on Fridays on Rentukka. With these extra three hours we are going to fulfill your stomach and evening with tuned up street food menu and program from 19:00 to 22:00.

We changed a gear up in Kortepohja and it resulted as a brand new evening celebrations in collaboration with Rentukka-house. The Heart of A Living Village is going to beat in the rhythm of rough food and casual program on Fridays till 22:00 o’clock. Once we finish serving the student meal at 19:00, the cozy living room will turn out as urban hot spot.

From 7:00pm onwards. we are serving plain and simple street food. The setting is the most urban in town and it is designed by our Executive Chef Jari Kovanen. During evening celebrations you are able to grab a drink (beer, cider or wine). What is more, Rentukka-house is going to organize a pub quiz in which you can compete against yourself and your friends.

Simple street snacks:

The Burger

It does not count what you stuff in the between the burger but what you don’t. The Burger has nothing useless: medium beef, cheddar cheese, red onions, salad and smoked mayonnaise.

“No color, no flavour. The cooking surface determines the taste.”
•Kovanen, J. 2019


Price: 7,00€

Combo with drink: 10,00€

You can have The Burger with our own gluten-free bread!

Hot dog “Oriental”

Structure and sparks. We put together authentic hot dog with coriander-soy beans filling, pickled black radish, spring onions and roasted onions. This taste is going to make its home into you mouth.

“Influenced by Asian flavours - are you ready to take the leap?”
•Kovanen, J. 2019


Price: 7,00€

Combo with drink: 10,00€

Ask the gluten-free option!

Rentukka’s very famous fries

Honest fries which have become immortal due to our special spice mix. We serve the fries with ketchup and smoked mayonnaise.

“The specialty of dips is chives which makes good to be excellent.”
•Kovanen, J. 2019


Price: 3,00€

Fish ‘n Chips - lemon

Respecting the British cuisine, our Fish ‘n Chips are made of cod combined with chips and lemon. True pub portion is finished with dill dip, smoked mayonnaise and ketchup with chives topping.

“Fish ‘n Chips.On dictionary under the label classic. Chives in the dip gives the transcendent competitive advantage”
•Kovanen, J. 2019


Price: 7,00€

Combo with drink: 10,00€




Price: 4,50€

Wine of the day

A class of wine, 16cl 6,00€

A bottle of wine: 25,00€

There won’t be better reason than this to get together with your friends and come to Rentukka!