Our Semma Delivery concept brings single packed meals of diverse home made food to the doors of students

We run Semma Delivery service in seven locations. We drive by our van there and have a pit-stop of approximately half an hour in every location during lunch time.

For smooth and safe customer experience it is very important that every customer of Semma Delivery reads the following instructions carefully and obeys them.

● Do not show up if you are sick
● Keep a distance to other people (over 1m)
● Wash your hands before running errands
● Do not rush to the places of sales immediately but instead check the situation from your window and enter the zone if the line is short
● Take a bank card with you as we accept only card payments
● Take your student card ready
● You can buy only one student-priced meal at the time according to Kela's instructions

Delivery stops
● KOAS Harju, Kauppakatu 11b
● KOAS Veturi & Kotiraide, Veturitallinkatu 6
● AaltoAlvarin parking area, Pitkäkatu 2
● KOAS Humppa, Humppakuja 2, Kuokkala
● KOAS Myllyjärvi parking area, Loukkukorventie                                                                                       ● Mannila, Mannila school parking area
● Haukkalanranta, Kiviniementie 8. 

We prepare a diverse selection of home made food and our offering varies daily. There are both meat and vegetarian options available. We inform about the daily menu on Lozzi restaurant page and also on Instagram and Facebook (@semmarestaurants).

We try to reserve enough food with us but it is impossible to know the factual demand. Therefore we ask you to be merciful if we run out of meals.

● 2,60 € with a student card
● 7,90 € for other customers

What is more, we sell also simplified meals which contain only the main course without salad, bread etc. The price for the additional portion is 3 € and they are not supported by Kela.

Characteristics of Semma Delivery
● We arrive to the place by our van which you can recognize from our logo

The most recent information about Semma Delivery is updated on our social media channels. We keep this article updated as well as possible about the future changes and/or improvements of concept.

In the future
We aim to standardize the timetable and places of sales as soon as possible. We ask for your patience towards our pilot.

We reserve all rights for changes.