Student meal price will be 2,70e in our restaurants 1.1. 2021 onwards.

We raise the price to secure high-quality and diverse meals and enable us to choose more sustainably produced ingredients. However, we do not make the maximum raise (3,06e) provided by Kela because it is not necessary. This is enough and you get the following benefits:


  • More often No limits -days when you can eat without unit or any other restrictions 
  • Make your mix -concept continues, which means that you can choose several lunch options at once daily (excluding unit based meals if it’s not No limits -day)
  • We choose more sustainably produced ingredients and develop our selection

There will be a change in post-graduate meal price too and you can find our updated prices below


Student 2,70e

Post-graduate 5,20e

JYU staff 5,80e

Other customers 7,90e