Our vegetarian food pilot Nordic Ramen got great feedback in its launch. Due to that we decided to continue with the concept and expand it also to other restaurants.

Nordic Ramen is independent vegetarian menu which we launched on Lozzi. We received great feedback which encouraged us to continue pilot also on other restaurants. Menu’s availability varies day to day and restaurant to restaurant so we recommend you to check restaurants’ daily offer from our website.

What Nordic Ramen is about more in detail? The menu includes both vegetarian and vegan choice. In the core of the portions is umami flavour mushroom-onion sauce together with domestic produced sides of the day. Umami itself is one of the five basic flavours and it is applied skillfully in Japanese cuisine. We use umami to make strong taste for food.

The background for this pilot is in the increased demand for vegetarian food among our customers. “The demand for healthy vegetarian food is size of an iceberg. Nordic Ramen is our call to this demand”, says our Executive Chief Jari Kovanen.

Check the daily menus and taste the twisted street food!