The coronavirus restrictions have been loosen up a bit hence it is allowed to eat in the restaurants again. We serve in five restaurants and Semma Delivery this week.

Eat lunch at the restaurant again

We prepare meals both take away and buffet in five locations, Piato, Tilia, Lozzi, Ylistö and Rentukka.

During weeks 7 to 9 we keep Lozzi closed on weekends and the opening times are shorter than usual. We kindly ask you to check the most recent information from the restaurant’s own page.

We keep running Semma Delivery until 5.3. according to the current information.

The Delivery schedule is as follows:
● Veturitallit at 12:30-13:00
● Kuokkala, KOAS Humppa at 13:30-14:00
● KOAS Harju at 14:30-15:00


You can buy two student priced meals at once


We kindly remind you that you are allowed to buy two student priced meals at once. When showing a photo of your friend’s student card, you can buy two meals for her/him too.


Come only healthy - here are the guidelines for safe visit


  1. Do not come if you feel sick or you suspect you have exposed for coronavirus
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Wear a mask all the time in restaurant
  4. Keep at least 2 meters safety distance to others



Let’s take together extra care for hygiene to stop the spread of virus!