Have you bought a bamboo cup 1.11 - 16.12.2020?

It has occurred that during that time we have sold Green Room Oy bamboo cups which contained 3 % melamine in some of our restaurants. You are allowed to return this cup to any of our restaurants and receive a full refund 11,40 €.

We have used two suppliers hence there have been only this 1,5 months period during which we have had cups under withdrawal. Our othewr bamboo cups have been and are plastic free. If you have Nordal`s bamboo cup, it doesn´t contain plastic.

You can check the Finnish Food Authority´s list of bamboo cups which are under the withdrawal (in Finnish):


We want to thank all customers who have already been in touch with us because of the Helsingin Sanomat news from (11.5.2021)

We trulu apologize for the inconvenience and the defective product!