We have made instructions for safe and smooth customer experience in our restaurants.

Let’s take together care of our safety. We kindly ask you to follow these guidelines in our restaurant:

  • Do not show up if you are sick
  • Keep a distance to other people (at least 1-2m)
  • Wash your hands before running errands
  • Use card payments
  • Prefer take away -lunch
  • Follow the seat and table arrangements when eating in restaurant and do not rearrange them


We do also our part:

  • We offer hand disinfectant before and after running errands
  • We change actively the scoops on the counter
  • We clean surfaces regularly in our restaurant
  • We serve ready-cut bread
  • We actively follow the most recent guidelines of health care authorities and collaborate with the University of Jyväskylä.


Let’s take care of our health together and act smart!