Enjoy a care-free morning with a delicious brunch experience easily from your own home!

We are launching our new brunch bag to brighten your weekends! The brunch bag is suitable for couples, families, and single people. We prepare the sweet and savory treats in the bag ourselves from high quality ingredients at our Semma Bakery.


The brunch bag includes

Stuffed pretzel*: mozzarella, air-cured ham and pickled red onion
Smoked salmon tartelette** and herbs with lemon marinade
Cheesesticks with a pesto-parmesan filling
Handmade lime-passion confections
Strawberry macaron cake

*Also available as a vegetarian version, in which the air-cured ham is replaced with half-dried tomato.
**Also available as a vegetarian version, in which the smoked salmon tartelette is replaced with a vegetable tartelette.

We recommend you reserve juice, coffee and tea for the brunch yourself according to your own taste.





18 € per person


The bag is suitable for one or more persons. Please let us know the amount of people you would like the bag for in your order.



Please leave us your order by 10AM of the preceding Wednesday of the Friday of collection. You can place your order and further inquiries regarding special diets by contacting our sales services:

050 581 8350



You can collect your order from our restaurant Piato on Fridays from 14:00 to 17:00. The address of Piato is Mattilanniemi 2, 40100, Jyväskylä. The first brunch bags are ready for collection on Friday the second of October.