Breakfast is the kick off for the day. When eating a proper breakfast, you will put your meal rhythm in the right pace and energize yourself for daily tasks.

You can start your day from Monday to Friday with versatile breakfast in three restaurants:
- Piato 7:45-10:15
- Uno 8:00-9:30
- Belvedere 8:00-10:00

The breakfast includes porridge or yoghurt, fresh bread with cold cut, cheese and vegetables. In addition to there are other side dishes like boiled eggs, granola and of course coffee, tea and juice. Please check the restaurant specific information. You can check further and more detailed information from restaurants own pages.

On top of this, we serve porridge breakfast in the following restaurants:
- Maija 8:00-9:30
- Syke 8:00-9:30
- Ylistö 8:30-10:00
- In Piato, Uno and Belvedere you can choose the porridge breakfast too.

The price of porridge breakfast is 1,50€ and the versatile breakfast is 4,50€.

Welcome to start your day with breakfast!