Special coffees, cake showcase and easy reads - right in the core of the city library. Cafe Novelli is now open and revised.

We renewed the decoration and aimed to fresh outlook and favored clear shapes. The specialty of cafe is the cake showcase in which you are able to buy cakes for casual cases and celebration. We bake the cakes right behind the corner, on Seminaarinmäki in Semma Campus Bakery. The cakes are outcomes of our confectioner and his team. They pay extra attention on ingredients and flavour together with visuality.

We located the cafe closer to hub of the library and you find us next to the library’s service counter. In general, library’s services are now closer to us than before. You are able to read for example daily papers while enjoying a cup of espresso and slice of cake in the reading hall. What is more, you find a cabinet for 12 person for appointments and other occasions.

We welcome you to visit revised Novelli!