How fast are the retro ski pants of vappu? Which decade has the most stylish fanny pack? Which are the best after ski tracks which will keep playing in your mind over and over again?

Whether you dance to Esson baari with Poju or play an airplane instructed by Tim Toupet, arrive first to Lozzi to open your vappu celebrations!

It doesn’t matter if you are student or not, you are more than warmly welcome to celebrate the first grand opening of vappu by Semma. There is going to be diverse and dynamic program (reveals coming soon), twisted vappu food for student friendly price (the grill is almost heated up now), both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and music suitable for the theme (playlist is under progress). Get your friends together and come to welcome vappu on an appropriate way!

Dresscode is vappu x after ski*. Student overalls are also allowed. We recommend to make an excursion to your own or relative’s attic since the best costume will receive a price!

We will decorate the pearl of architecture, restaurant Lozzi, and turn it into a hotspot of after ski party. Vappu starts on Wednesday, the 10th of April, at 6pm.

Be there or be vappupallo!

*After ski (in French aprés ski) is a state of social activity which is celebrated after day on slopes. Vappu (in Finnish-Swedish vappen) is celebration of labour which has accomplished great popularity and diverse forms among students.

WHAT: Semma’s grand opening of vappu x After ski

WHERE: At Restaurant Lozzi

WHEN: On Wednesday, the 10th of April, at 6pm - 10pm

WHY: Since vapu never ends

WHAT COSTS: Nothing - the event has free entry!

TO WHOM: Everyone who has vappu mood. The venue is K-18.