You can select one of the ready menus or customize the menu to support your theme. The following includes some examples of our selection, which changes according to the season.

Coffee catering at a dissertation event

Organic Fairtrade coffee and steeped tea
Layer of mirror marble cake from the selection of Semma Campus Bakery.

Examples of cakes:

  • Apple and chocolate filled cream layer cake
  • Caramel and apple cream layer cake
  • Berry and cream layer cake
  • Mango and passion fruit mirror marble cake
  • Tiramisu à la Sole

The selection can be complemented with savoury canapés. Examples of monthly changing products:

  • Small asparagus pies
  • Small smoke-cured reindeer and beetroot pies
  • Smoke-cured vendace mousse and Grandma's cucumbers on rye

Buffet menu

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