You can select one of the pre-designed menus or we can plan the catering together, according to your wishes.

Catering and menu examples

You can select one of the pre-designed menus, or we can plan the catering together according to your wishes.
Semma’s have built our menus in three categories:

Classical menu 
Trends come and go but the classics stay – such as the architectural heritage of Alvar Aalto. Our classical menu is inspired by classical food preparation methods. 

Seasonal menu
Nature leads its own life, and we follow it. We pick the best seasonal ingredients and process them only in the way that best suits each ingredient. 

Tailored menu 
We all have our preferences and favourites. We aim at meeting your wishes in the best possible way by tailoring our menu exactly for your needs. 


Buffet menus

We create buffet menus for various events, such as student parties and business celebration events. A well-planned buffet contains something for everyone. Semma’s buffet menus can be tailored to the nature of your event and the available space, even for larger groups of partygoers.


Meetings and seminars 

We guarantee the freshness and deliciousness of the sweet and savoury pastries, handmade for meetings in Semma’s own bakery, Semma Campus Bakery. Our fresh vegetable and fruit smoothies represent new trends in meeting catering.


Cocktail events

Bite-size canapés are suitable for a wide variety of occasions. They make for an impressive and versatile offering for birthday parties, customer events and more.


Dinner parties

More formal and festive occasions call for a multicourse menu with table service. A dinner that meets the customer’s wishes and honours the theme of the occasion is the crown of the event – be it a wedding or an academic celebration.