Check out Semma Bakery’s 2022 cake collection and order cakes for any celebration.

Our bakery’s selection of cakes this year includes nine different cakes designed by our master confectioner and confectioners combine flavors from near and far. The cakes are made from high-quality raw materials by hand in our own bakery in Seminaarinmäki, Jyväskylä.


In the cake brochure behind this link you will find pictures and more detailed information about all the cakes available:


Cake price list

All our round cakes (Sea buckthorn rosemary, Lemon, Malt cherry, Forest, Matcha, Garden) are available in several sizes:

  • 4-6 people - 20 €
  • 8-10 people - 28 €
  • 10-12 people - 32 €
  • 18-20 people - 58 €

Our special cakes (Sparkling Wine Heart, Northern Lights, Cappuccino Mint) are only available in one size (6-8 people) for 28€.

The Garden cake is also available in a square shape (6-8 people) for 25€.


Cakes can be easily ordered by filling our order form or by e-mailing Please fulfill your order no later than 3-5 days before the desired pick-up date. 


You can also order other sweet and savory treats for your celebrations from Semma Bakery such as buns, pies and pastries. Ask more from our sales service!


Delicious celebrations!