Responsible choices – Campus of the future – Semma’s commitment We believe in our targets and will achieve them through responsible and open cooperation. We are committed to operating responsibly and developing our activities based on sustainability. For us, responsibility is more than just a way of working – it is an essential part of our work, every day.

Let us jointly reduce the factors that burden the environment so that we can proudly stand behind our choices and actions.

The elements of Semma's responsibility:

Responsible sourcing

- Together with our reliable partners, we ensure the traceability and origin of the ingredients we use.

Responsible selection and development

- Our aim is to guide our customers to healthier and more ecological choices. A good diet promotes health and wellbeing.
- Plant-based food has been found to burden the environment less than meat-based, so developing our vegetarian options with our expert cooks and head chef is particularly close to our heart.
- We utilise seasonal ingredients in planning our menus.
- We plan and develop our activities in close cooperation with JYU's environmental coordinator and Student Union.
Both our large and smaller units carry out good environmental deeds every day. In the large units, for example, all cardboard milk containers are recycled. We have also introduced reusable mugs made from ecological bamboo fibre.

Responsible operation

- We try to minimise food waste at all stages of the food chain and invest in increasing environmental competence in all our restaurants. All Semma staff will complete an environmental training course by the end of 2019.
- In planning our menus, we try to consider the portions as precisely as possible to avoid unnecessary food waste. 
- We utilise machines as energy efficiently as possible in the food preparation process.
- Our target is to reduce the number of disposable cups by 20,000 before 2019.

Delicious Finnish food, even local

Our restaurants use Finnish meat, seasonal vegetables and root vegetables as much as possible and according to the yield of the harvest. Grain products, such as bread and flours, as well as dairy products and eggs are also mainly of domestic origin. In accordance with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recommendations, we use sustainable fish species in our food.

Semma participates in the portaat luomuun programme

Our selection includes organic ingredients used in food preparation, which puts us on step three in the portaat luomuun ('steps to organic production') programme. We also aim to consider local produce as much as possible.

Ingredients of a fair meal

The world changes one coffee cup at a time, at least in Semma's cafes and at the events we organise! We cooperate closely with the University of Jyväskylä and its Student Union. The University has been granted the status of Fairtrade University. To receive this status, a university must continuously increase the use of Fairtrade products in its campus restaurants as well as in its meeting and seminar catering.