We carry out our responsibility through our words and actions. You can get familiar with our responsibility on this page in which we have gathered examples of our operations.

Sustainable food production chain

Planning in food preparation, choices with ingredients and development of more sustainable options are the core of our responsible operations.

1. We plan carefully the use of ingredients to gain efficiency and react flexibly on the food consumption on daily basis

● We plan our menus according to seasons.

● We decrease food waste through period based preparation. We prepare meals along the day which enables us to react on the daily consumption hence we do not prepare too much food.

● We follow “First in, first out” -principle which helps us to prevent that ingredients do not go bad and increase food waste.

2. We are thorough with our portfolio of ingredients

● We use only fishes which are approved by WWF. We do not have fishes from WWF’s red list on our menus.

● We follow the Compass Group FS Finland Responsibility Program which guides our procurements.

● We participate in Cage Free Jyväskylä -campaign and we are committed to use only organic, free range and floor henhouse eggs by end of the year 2024.

● We use 100% Finnish chicken and fresh beef, pork and poultry meat is 100% Finnish.

● We serve Fair Trade coffee in our restaurants.

● We strengthen our collaboration with local producers and operators. For example, the short distance to Lake Päijänne enables reasonable delivery and storage times for freshwater fishes which play crucial role in our catering menus.

3. We develop more sustainable vegetarian and vegan lunch options

We try new concepts which aim to encourage our customers to favor vegetarian and vegan options.

● We prepare vegetarian and vegan lunch daily. If the vegetarian choice of the day is not vegan too, vegan option is available when asked from kitchen.

● We have profiled restaurant Uno as a vegetarian food focused place.

● We carried out Nordic Ramen vegetarian menu concept on autumn 2018 and it was huge success.

● We serve vegetarian and vegan focused snacks in Piato under the concept of Wanna go greener?

Nordic Ramen

Multiple ways to recycle

We recycle the waste from restaurants on appropriate manner. We follow food waste in our restaurants on daily basis. What is more, we organize Food Waste Week twice a year and its goal is to remind our customers about the importance of food waste reduction. When it comes to single-use dishes, such as smoothie cups, we favor products which are made of biodegradable plastic.

We sell leftover food with reasonable price in our restaurants after closing time. In addition, we give 10 cents discount if the customer buys coffee or tee into own sustainable cup. Our single-use cardboard cups are made of PEFC-certified and Swan labeled material which do not contain harmful chemicals and is recyclable.



Environment friendly courses of actions

● We transport our products with electricity car on campus area.

● We minimize our energy consumption by switching off lights and machines after use.

● We favor steam washing when we clean the kitchen machines because it saves water.

● We document our own reports on digital form.


Customers choices do matter - hence we encourage and ease them to make responsible choices through influencing communication.

● We state vegetarian option first in our menus.

We challenge our customers to think themes related to responsibility through our communication campaigns, theme weeks and collaboration with our stakeholders. We walk the talk by giving practical tools to make more sustainable choices. Here are two examples of our campaigns.


● We carried out Keeps you thinking -video serie in spring 2019. We dealt with topics like eating alone, diet based pigeonholing and mutual encounters in customer service.

● We were highly involved in JYY’s Sustainable Development Week in autumn 2019. We acknowledged the theme week in our menus together with we participated in panel discussion and challenged our customers to make more sustainable choices through campaign on social media.

Nurturing own wellbeing enables more sustainable choices

We have supported and sponsored numerous projects and events which have improved wellbeing and self-development. Here are three examples of our actions.

● We sponsored Mental Health Day -seminar which was organized by JYY in autumn 2019.

● We organized workshop in collaboration with Spotlight for students who are interested in self-development in autumn 2019.

● We promoted healthy lifestyle during Sport Week in winter 2019. Athletes Elmo Lakka and Juuso Hassi were also involved in the campaign.